10 Tips To keep In Mind While Designing Incredible Facebook Cover Photo

The last time when you had visited the Facebook cover page of a brand did you notice something unique there?

Were you able to unfold that hidden information which the brand’s Facebook cover photo was trying to convey to you?

You will be surprised to know that the Facebook cover page of any brand is designed in such a manner such that it conveys information about the personality of the brand to its visitors as & when they glance at it.

Yes, you read that right!

The ‘Facebook Cover Photo‘ designed for any brand covers around 25% of the information given on the entire Facebook page.

Thinking of creating one?

Well here’s a tip for you; Chances of retaining a visitor on your Facebook page are always higher when your Facebook cover photo is designed to be more attractive.

Dzineub researched to analyze the trend of buyers on any Facebook page. In his study, he found that  33% of people only search for a  product while 51% of people are more prone to buy a product from the business page they follow.

So, if your Facebook cover page is attractive, then probably you have more chances of converting your visitors into your customers.

You need to put an appealing cover picture on your Facebook cover page to attract visitors irrespective of you being an e-commerce website, a product demonstrator or a person who wants to showcase his talent through his Facebook page.

So, to help you design a unique and smart Facebook page, here are a few important points you need to keep in mind while selecting the cover picture for your Facebook page:

1. Follow Facebook Cover Page Display Guidelines

Facebook has mentioned its guidelines for posting the cover photo. It says; to set a unique photograph as your cover picture; the photograph should look more creative & engaging than the entire content on the page since any visitor would first get attracted by the cover picture and then would indulge in reading the specific content on the page.

Also, the photograph should have your copyrights & it should not have been copied or taken from other sources.

2. Follow Dimensions of the Cover Page:

Here is the screenshot of the guidelines for selecting the dimensions of the picture for your cover page:

For profile picture on the page:

Desktop- 170*170 pixels

Smartphones- 128*128 pixels

For cover page photograph:

Desktop- 820 wide * 312 tall pixels

Smartphones- 640 wide * 360 tall pixels


The minimum dimensions required to set a cover page are:

400 wide * 150 tall pixels

If your photograph is small as per the above-mentioned dimensions, then Facebook automatically increases the size of your photograph.

You can either create your own cover page or can download it from Canva or any other such websites.

3. Keep the Picture Simple, Play with Colors

Keep your Facebook cover page simple yet informative.

Being the cover page, it caters to creating around 20-30% of the impression of your page on a visitor’s mind.

It should only contain the relevant information which a visitor might come searching for. Too much information load may distract them or even force them to leave the page midway.

By looking at the picture, they should be able to relate what it is trying to depict & should be able to get the probable answers for their quests by simply going through the content on your Facebook page.

Care should be taken while considering the quality of the picture, it should not be blur & at the same time, it should be able to communicate some meaningful information to the audience.

Look at the image above. It is the Facebook page of the brand “Tommy Hilfiger.”

Tommy Hilfiger uses a simple background with a soothing combination of blue and green colors.

The color in the photograph displayed a straightforward depiction of the personality of the brand.

Combination of the colors is so classy that it gives your eyes a soothing experience.

It also shows the comfort it offers if you carefully look at the eyes of the girl wearing the brand’s clothes.

4. Use Text Effectively

The font of the text in the photograph should be big enough to easily communicate your message to the target audience and sustain their engagement.

Selection of words is more important as it says everything about what the brand wants to communicate to its audience.

If you are promoting a product on your Facebook page then be careful with the choice of words as it gets important to highlight the key features of your product.

Samsung is very promising in providing the best picture quality in all its smartphones.

For instance, look at the image above. It clearly states the amazing experience Samsung offers you if you are a photography freak.

They offer you the best retina experience with which you can even capture a perfect shot of water droplets on your phones.

They provide you with an opportunity to leave your bulky cameras behind and never regret ever!

Let’s consider the example of United Colors of Benetton (UCB).

Unite color of Benetton cover page is the best example of text-based marketing.

They have chosen text over visuals to outstand in the league of visuals.

4. Don’t Hide Content

You need to make sure that by any chance the content is not overlapped by some visuals or gets hidden, also, it should not be placed at the bottom.

The logo can be placed at all corners except the bottom left corner of the page.

Placing content at the bottom of the page will affect your results drastically. This would lose its meaning because of readers oversight, as people tend to open & read only that content/link which is clearly visible to them.

Play smart & avoid committing such silly mistakes!

So, a lesson learned that all the content must be placed either at the center or at the top of the page.

If you are running a campaign or providing any discount on your products and you want to communicate it to your visitors then it is better to highlight the text somewhere in the middle of the page so that it gets the desired exposure.

5. Use a Photograph with a Clear Focal Point

Companies use a very simple photograph and a single object as the focal point which proves to be very effective in attracting the audience.

A carefully adjusted focal point helps a brand in conveying its personality to the audience in a single perfect click.

You may check as in the case of Jaguar; their logo is sufficient to tell the position it occupies and trust it has built in its customers.

The Facebook cover page of Jaguar gives you a luxurious feel & a pride in owning the brand.

Similarly, the Facebook page of Porsche makes you feel that you are different from the crowd.

6. Use Short Video Clips on Your Cover Page

Facebook has rolled out a new feature in which you can add videos in stead of photographs on the cover page.

Check out this example from the cover page of Redbull

Here’s another example from the cover page of Netflix

7. Align the Cover Page

There are two categories according to which the content is aligned on a Facebook page.

It could be aligned either towards right-hand side of the page or towards left-hand side of the page.

The left hand-side of the page also carries the profile picture. So, if you are aligning the photograpgh towards left-hand side of the page care should be taken to make sure that it does not overlap with the profile picture or does not gets impacted by the profile picture.

While in some cases, you may find the photograph aligned towards the right-hand corner of the page which itself ensures maximum & a clear view.

For example, refer to the Facebook page of Suzuki below:

This is done considering the fact that the product display area is higher on the right-hand side of the page. This also helps in increasing the conversion rate of those products.

8. Be Smart- Add Call to Action Buttons

You may consider the innovative ideas of some people who deliberately design the cover page photograph in such a manner so that it helps in increasing the visibility of the call to action button on their cover page.

The call to action button could be either of like, follow or share buttons. You need to project your cover page’s content in such a way that it draws attention of visitors directly towards these buttons.

If you are a product selling firm, make sure to add shop now button on your Facebook page. This will help you in increasing the conversion rate.

Cosider the example of Target

9. A Point for Mobile Users

You need to keep in mind that the Facebook cover page photographs for desktop & for mobile have different resolutions. More than 50% of Facebook users depend on mobile phones to log in to their Facebook accounts.

So, it is very crucial to know where to put relevant information on your cover page.

The corners of the page ususlly do not appear much clearly on the phones, so try not to put your important content on the sides rather in the center.

Choose your design and content wisely so that you have the same number of visitors on smartphones as well.

10. Be Creative

It is the human nature to get attracted towards unique things. If you are creative enough then you can make your page more attractive and lure more audience.

Take an example of Rightlook Creative

Consider another example of Graphicspedia

One more example for you from 3D design

Post designing the Facebook cover photo, post that photo on your Facebook page.

Do not forget to add a link to your Facebook cover photo, so that people can follow you and check your website page through the link.

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