20 Compelling Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Self Development

“Why Blogging is Important?” – The question that every beginner ask somewhere in his mind before starting his own business/blog.

But here I am asking you some questions, answer these questions honestly to you only.

Have you ever thought or tried to measure your self-development level?


Have you ever thought about quitting your boring routine 9-6 job? but the rent of your apartment or EMI’s stopped you from doing so?

Have you ever thought what could be the other medium to earn a handsome amount than to work in a regular 9 to 6 job?

Who do you think can help you in taking these decisions?

Well, the answer to these questions is You, Yourself!

Everyone has faced this situation of quitting the job and looking for some other source of income. Self-confident people start their own business.

People who are not confident enough, regret quitting their job and end up compromising with their dreams. They again look for a routine job, this time, with some other organization.

Summarizing it, if you decide on something, you should not regret your decision later on.

How can blogging help you in your self-development?

Why blogging is important to evolve yourself?

Everything requires a certain period of hard work. If you have decided to shape your life the way you want, then first learn to keep patience. No tree bear fruits as soon as you plant it, everything comes by time.

Here my question to you is when you have the Freedom of Speech a Fundamental Right, then why don’t you voice your thoughts?

Believe me, when I say, presenting your thoughts to the world will never cost you anything.

Rather, you will get paid for your own thoughts, in return. Sounds interesting, yeah?

Well! Here comes the need for blogging.

Why blogging is important?

First of all, let me tell you what is a blog.A blog is an open space where you can put some or all  your thoughts & opinions on any topic which needs deep thinking & discussion.

In short, a blog is a presentation of your thoughts and explanation of your opinions.

Now let’s get into defining these terms for better understanding.

A Weblog known as a Blog is the presentation or explanation of your ideas and thoughts in the form of a simple post (diary–like entries).

These posts appear in reverse chronological order (the latest post appearing on the top).

The ideas may relate to political, social, politico-legal, personal, professional matters. These may also involve narrow subjects or a broader range of subjects as a whole.

A blog may also contain some links to other websites know as a Blogroll.

A Blogger is a person who owns and writes a blog. A blogger writes an article of certain word count, shares information on news posts, or shares his opinion on the hottest topic of the time.

Bloggers also provide discussion areas in their posts, so that people with varied ideology can express their thoughts. Therefore, blogging is nothing but expressing your thoughts to the world.

In return, you learn the pros and cons of your thoughts on a particular topic by the number of people commenting/posting or replying to your entry.

Here are the 20 most promising reasons that will surely answer your question on why blogging is important and why you should start writing a blog:

  1. You will explore your writing ability

    Why Blogging is Important- writing ability

No matter how much dear your job is to you, it might be the first time you have started writing something, apart from essays in your school days.

But believe me, when you will spend few days in writing and expressing your thoughts, you would get to know how good as a writer you are.

In your starting days, you can use Grammarly which can be very useful for you to avoid any grammatical errors. Also, it will improve your writing skills gradually.

  1. You will explore your thinking ability

    Why Blogging is Important-thinking ability

The ability of your mind which you once left undiscovered, because of the routine job, you can still explore it.

The more you write, the more you will indulge yourself in enhancing your thinking ability.

You will be able to relate the things with your personal life as well, and live examples are always welcomed for better understanding.

  1. You will be clear, confident, and focused

Writing a blog is not a matter of writing anything; it is a matter of presenting and voicing your thoughts so that they can reach out to the masses.

You have got something to tell people (it might be; how frustrated you were at your jobs earlier).

A blog provides you that personal space where you can express yourself. So you will have a focused mind and clear intentions about what you are going to present in your blog.

Moreover, it will instill in you a sense of confidence. Finally, you will feel as an important part of this nature and you also have something to offer to the others.

  1. You will provide a clear understanding of the subject

There are many people who write on a particular topic, and you might feel as to why you should also write on the same topic.

Well then, you could be the ‘one’ who has got the answers the reader is looking for.

You can bring about a change by your thoughts. So never limit yourself to what others might be doing or thinking.

Being a blogger, you are responsible for presenting and showcasing your actual thoughts.

  1. Your will convert frustration into creativity

    Why Blogging is Important-creativity

The more you will write the more creative you will become.

You will learn to design your writings in a way, which will provide a better understanding to your readers.

You will try to figure out what your reader desires of from your blog post?

Hence, you will create your content in such a way, which will help them understand what you are trying to bring up.

  1. Your life will become intentional

The way in which you will present your thoughts about yourself and your surroundings will bring out a clear picture of you to your readers.

You will try to find out the shortcomings in your past life by discovering what all you have been doing till now.

Once you figure out what you need to take care of, you are all set to give a new dimension and add more meaning to your life.

  1. You will help people

Through your blog posts, you will help people who are looking for certain specific answers which only you could provide. They might have been undergoing the same situation which you might have once undergone.

  1. You will be an expert

Writing about the common problems and how to tackle with them will render you as an expert in that field.

People often pay interest in reading what they can relate themselves to.

Giving solutions to day-to-day problems will assure you of your ability to develop as a professional writer.

  1. You will get fame and recognition

    Why Blogging is Important -fame and recognition

Technically advanced and like-minded people often read blogs. They are quite educated and sound in nature.

These people prefer reading articles which focus on the latest trends. Getting a recognition by such people is in itself a great achievement.

  1. You will develop a network

    Why Blogging is Important -networking

Networking today is a virtuous circle. Connecting with people leads to more career growth opportunities.

Moreover, connecting to some like-minded people will enhance your thinking ability.

You will be able to  think superior to them and will always try to present valuable and commendable work.

  1. You will definitely make a difference

People write to bring forth what others are afraid of speaking.

Blogging gives you an opportunity to voice your original thoughts.

You should write in such a way that even your haters and competitors will praise and acknowledge your efforts and courage.

And here it is where you will make a difference with your writing.

  1. You will be your own boss

Taking up blogging as your career, you are no more bound to work nine hours a day.

Your blog is your office at your own home, where you can plan to devote as much time as you desire to.

There is no hard and fast rule that can compel you to work for fixed hours.

Take your breaks as and when needed. Get rid of your routine office life and believe me, you can still do well in your life.

  1. You will be active and enhance your knowledge

Blogging generates a curiosity in you once people start reacting to your posts.

To be successful as a blogger, you need to be abreast of the current events and have to keep on posting frequently.

This way you would remain active and updated with all the current affairs of the nation and the world as a whole.

  1. You will strike it rich

    Why Blogging is Important-rich

There are various alternatives for income. Bloggers generally prefer few income-generating activities, apart from writing their blogs.

Like, Google Adsense, affiliated marketing, advertising and promoting their blogs through various social-networking websites.

They tend to make a handsome amount of money. All you need to be a successful blogger is commitment and patience; things turn out as expected.

  1. You will have fun reaping the fruits of success

Sooner or later, people will start showing interest in your work.

They will either appreciate your posts or will present their own thoughts. Whichever be the case, you will end up gaining self-confidence.

You need to be passionate about your work and duly updated.

Most successful bloggers write just for fun and do not much bother about how much they will be able to make out of it.

Few of those who believe in delivering quality get the taste the fruits of success.

So, don’t bother what others might think of you, you are here to present what you are, not what others think you can be.

Do the things right and forget about the rest.

  1. You will become a ready learner

You will keep researching and learning about new topics, which interests people.

A blogosphere is an ever-changing network. Successful bloggers always look for new and in-demand topics to enhance their skills and their blog quality.

  1. You will get technologically advanced

Blogging requires knowledge and use of certain software. These are not much difficult to understand.

So, if you think you are not a tech-savvy, then a blog is a perfect platform for you to get technologically advanced.

  1. You will be more open to risks

    Why Blogging is Important-open to risks

Life is always full of risks; all that matters is when you gather enough courage to take one. Likewise, blogging also involves risk.

From setting up your blog to posting the first article, you always wonder whether it will get recognized by people or not.

To be a successful blogger you have to try new things and enhance your writing skills to promote your blog.

  1. You will inspire othersWhy Blogging is Important

    Generally speaking, blogging improves your mindset. You become inclined towards the quality and quantity of the posts you are publishing on your blog.

    In fact, you may sometimes feel like, some of your readers tend to dislike or counter-response to your post.

    This gives you a chance to take a new and a fresh look to your post and improve or customize it for any shortcomings.

  2. You will invest ‘nil’

Blogging is free of cost. All you need to invest is your time, hard work and dedication, keeping your passion in place.

You will be convinced to be a blogger, after going through what all I explained above. Hope you will have got the answer to the question “Why Blogging is Important”. Best of luck for a bright career in blogging.

Happy blogging folks !

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