Have you ever questioned yourself, the following??

“Why I am working for others?”
“What is the purpose/aim of my life?”
“Am I on the right track to achieve my goal?”
“Am I creative?”

One day a thought struck our minds (I & my wife), that why can’t we live our passion (apparently writing) to that extent that one day we can finally bid a goodbye to our boring routine jobs.

We thought, how about starting OUR stuff…?

Do you feel the same way, as we once thought of??

Then you’re reading the CORRECT post.

You guys must be wondering, why we have chosen such a name (Spear out Freedom) for our blog……right??

Let me answer that, as informed before, both my wife and I are employees of some private organizations, Spearoutfreedom is a step toward breaking the shackles of this bizarre and mundane professional routine and setting up a new & refreshing life full of creativity.


We spend most of our time in dealing with our colleagues & clients. Somewhere or the other, their behavior has completely vexed us. We can’t shout at them or speak out our minds, of course, that’s a professional environment & we are not allowed to do that. So, how we were supposed to calm ourselves down?

You guessed it right; Spear out Freedom is the platform where we can be how we want us to be. We poured our thoughts into this blog & suggestions from you guys always help us improve a lot.

So, this platform for us was a place to unfold new opportunities. It was obviously a thought driven process.

Let me now tell you the thoughts which made us grab this opportunity:

Thought-1 – I could have looked for another job in some other country, but I believed that fate of a man is not decided by his thoughts, but by his actions. So, I started searching for a new job. During my job-hunt, I left no stone unturned. But one day I realized what I am running away from? Why should I change my high paying job? Everyone in this world is facing some or the other problem, but that doesn’t mean that we all should start running from them. Everywhere the condition is same, the peace or stability which I am looking for; I might not get that there too.

During my short career, I also discovered the hard reality of the corporate world, that nobody is interested in your skills & caliber, they are bound to fill the industry gap in the form of human resource. So I changed my mind & started searching for other opportunities to justify my existence.

Thought-2 – Once out of curiosity, I searched the Internet on how to direct your thoughts from negativity toward positivity, and you guys won’t believe, the most convincing answer I found on the Internet was to “Write a Blog.”

Earlier I found it less engaging, as I was someone totally from a different field & had no connection with writing stuff. But, I wanted to give myself a chance. So I searched the Internet more & more on a daily basis. I gathered so much knowledge about how to start writing a blog, and to my surprise, this was the subject that made me write more and more about it. So, here’s the motive of Spear out Freedom – How to Write a Blog…!!! No wonder, it is also a medium to earn from home. I learned about Google-AdSense and finally decided to start my blog.

But this was not an easy task. It took a lot of efforts and time to learn in detail about AdSense, affiliate marketing, writing & publishing posts, WordPress, Web host providers and everything else related to a blog.

Somehow I launched a new website related to my profession, as that was my comfort zone. But soon I realized that the knowledge which I shared on that website was not enough to survive, and soon I started losing interest in it because technical readings are usually boring and you have to be very precise while providing information to your readers. I tried my luck but didn’t succeed in that. But no sour feelings.

The only positive thing which came out of it was that it provided me an experience, a never-to-forget experience. At least, I identified the loopholes. So whatever I had learned during my struggle to be a writer and what I am now, all this I would be sharing in this blog of mine.

In Spear out Freedom you will find answers to the following:

  • How to make money online?
  • How to start your blogging journey?
  • How to tackle the failure and negativity?
  • Basic & advanced knowledge of WordPress.
  • How to make out most from the AdSense?
  • Internet Marketing tips & techniques.
  • Discussion forum for everything related to blogging.