Becoming a Successful Blogger: Dilemma of Every Newbie

Well before our conversation starts on becoming a successful blogger, I must first ask you, what do you do in your spare time ? I guess, your will reply; read a blog, articles, current affairs, or some new fictional novel. You might also like writing diaries, poetries, articles, or even some of you write & build blogs. To overcome the dilemma of “Becoming a Successful Blogger” let me tell you that there’s actually no possible way to decide if you can be a successful blogger or not. If you are passionate about expressing yourself, writing and discussing on various topics, updating your knowledge, then blogging is a good option for you.

A blog does not end up once you have published an article, you need to post another article which you think people will be expecting. A blog is like our own child, which requires our time, commitment, patience, and hard work to nourish and flourish.

In becoming a successful blogger, you need to perform some promotional activities on some social-networking websites; visit and read the blog posts of other bloggers to get an understanding of their thought-processes; respond to comments of the readers, making meaningful updates, and demonstrating your writing skills.

You need to be ready to perform all such activities to be a successful blogger. Don’t worry it comes with time. You do not need to hesitate or demoralize yourself as you cannot do something or the other. Nothing here is impossible; all you need is to start with self-confidence and never leave the things mid-way.

It needs years of preparation, formulating strategies, incorporating quality tools. Sometimes for your own safety, you need an armour (support). Likewise, blogging does need some similar things like:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Developing Strategies
  • Top Quality Tools
  • Armour (Back-End or Initial Support)

Now let’s look at these one at a time.

  • Planning and Preparation

    becoming a successful blogger-planning

To achieve the desired goals, a blogger needs proper planning. Consider for example; constructing a building, a giant ship, or in maintaining stocks we always need proper planning. Otherwise, a single bolt failure may lead to a catastrophic failure. Because of which the building may fall or a ship may wreck in the middle of the sea. This will, unfortunately, lead to major losses. So to avoid such circumstances, we need proper planning before final execution.

To summarize what I just explained,

“Planning is nothing but managing and executing things in a proper and organized manner.”

This is all that we learn in management courses.

We generally presume that starting new things invites more pain!

 This might be correct up to some extent, rather I would say, it depends on the way you have thought of starting the new thing. The manner in which you chalk out the execution plan defines it all.


Let’s consider an example of the morning exercise. Scheduling a morning exercise is very painful as you have to lose your precious morning sleep. Once you get started, sudden muscle elongations may increase the body pain, diet control may be an another concern sometimes; but if you consider the positive aspects, you will realise that all these pain lead you to a healthy and stable life. Gradually, all your body pains will vanish and you will welcome a cheerful life wholeheartedly.

So, initially planning the things and sticking to them may bother you. But believe me, success strikes to those who plan their work efficiently.

  • Developing Strategies

If I will directly start telling you about various marketing strategies, you will get confused and may stop thinking and grasping further. So let’s first figure out the difference between a plan and a strategy.

Let’s go through these with a simple infographic:becoming a successful blogger-Plan vs Strategy

I think now you have a clear understanding of the differences between a plan and a strategy. So, in becoming a successful blogger, first of all, you must figure out the best way which will help you better before deciding on entering into the world of blogging. 

Every blogger has a unique skill of presenting his ideas and you simply can not copy them. You have to build up your own mind and establish yourself as a brand, which is the only survival technique in this competitive world. Let’s take examples of Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli from cricket.

Let’s consider an example:

When Virat Kohli was a child , like every teenager he wanted to be like Sachin Tendulkar. He knew it very well that there is a fine line drawn between following and copying the thingsHe was aware of the fact that he can follow Sachin’s techniques but he cannot copy them exactly, as both of them have a different style of their own.

Every player has a muscle memory and it is unique, it can not be the same for two different people, so if you try to match an apple with an apple; you are simply going to waste your energy. Another important aspect to be clear about is that you have to discover your muscle memory and nurture it well. This is what Virat Kohli did. He not only followed Sachin Tendulkar but also worked out his own style.

Now, this is exactly what you have to do as a blogger, explore your capabilities, brainstorm your ideas, figure out what is best in you and for you, then make the best ever plan and follow it diligently. Believe me when I say……you will definitely win!

  • Top Quality Weapons (Tools)

becoming a successful blogger-tools

As I have mentioned earlier, for winning a battle you will need sharp and best weapons. Now it is the time to think upon; in becoming a successful blogger, what kind of a weapon you might need? I do not mean the weapons of war, I am talking about the tools used in developing your website or a blog.

The question here is, how to decide on the best tools for developing a top quality website or a blog. Note that usage of tools may differ from one person to another according to their requirements. You have to experiment and find it out yourself. Remember in my previous blog, I told you; try..try..try…until you succeed! There is neither a set pattern that you may cram nor any other way to succeed but to try. So you have to try and find out the answers to your “what” and “how“. This will surely add value to your blog.

  • Armour (Back-End Support or Initial Support)

    becoming a successful blogger-amour

Blogging is an area of interest, it has nothing to do with the age or gender of an individual. Everyone is free to express his/her thoughts openly. I have read blogs written by teenage students as well as some retired professionals, I am a regular reader and a fan of the writing abilities of some of these bloggers and I must admit to it.

A harsh truth in setting up any business (blog/website) is that that in the initial stages you have to be financially stable. I am not saying this because blogging requires a cost. No, it’s not that, you can write it for free. All I am trying to say is that sometimes you will have to face situations (like ups and downs) that will affect your thinking, and you will try to look for an alternative. To avoid any such adverse condition, and to keep promoting your work, it is better to prepare yourself beforehand.

Examples of supports:

If you are a student, then it is the best time for you to start writing and developing a blog of your own. This might sound funny, but you will realize this once you enter the boring corporate jobs and you will get no time to think of an alternative income plan.

Being a professional, you can not quit your job; instead, you have a good self-financial help to support your work.

If your spouse shares same thoughts as of yours, you have a family support along with a better financial aid. This will give you an opportunity to think about developing your own blog/website.

Hard work always pays off. I suggest you all to at least get started with a new blog and that experience will itself answer your questions of “becoming a successful blogger”.

In the beginning, stay calm and keep your pace slow. Keep all your enthusiasm for your future posts. First, try to analyse and understand the things. In your first blog, do not write tough or technical content. Share your own experiences, ideas, expectations, achievements, failures, or anything that you think can bring about a change in your reader’s life. Take a step towards starting your career as a blogger. Maybe you could help someone with your ideas and solutions. This will definitely give you a beautiful feeling that you would have never thought of.

I hope all my above discussions on “becoming a successful blogger” might have proved helpful to you.

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