How to Boost up Your Self-Confidence

Boost Your Self-Confidence


Let me tell you my story, which relates to the topic of this post “Boost your self-confidence.” My ex-boss used to ask me, “Why don’t you write CAT exams?” Why did you not appear for Civil Services? And I used to think, is he kidding me?

I was an above-average student all my life, but I didn’t think of appearing for such examinations.

Now, today when I look back and analyze the reasons for me not appearing for these exams, the answer I get is….”lack of self-confidence in me.”

Yes, once I also had this deficiency.

The lack of self-confidence and I used to think that I am here to live a very simple life, doing something great is not my cup of tea. I wasn’t made for that. But, he proved me wrong.

While I was in the final year of my graduation, I thought why I don’t give it a try.

I thought, my boss might be right if he feels that I have that potential to crack these exams.

So, I did try, and in the first attempt itself, I qualified it too.

To my surprise, I received calls from some very good institutions and got admission in one of those. Therefore, I pursued my master’s degree with an A-grade.

My boss’s belief in me made me enter the corporate world and boosted a whole of self-confidence in me.

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Another incident relates to my husband. Since I have been working in the content department of an organization, so my husband asked me to start writing blogs.

Earlier, I felt that I shouldn’t be doing that, as writing on product related content is something very different from writing blog-specific content.

So, this was another example where I needed to boost my self-confidence again.

Since my office space was a comfortable environment for me and I wasn’t in the limelight because of my writing.

I was just an employee like various others. But writing blogs was a challenging job, and it helped me regain my self-confidence, and here I am writing my heart out for you all, with a small hope to inspire you all with something good.

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So, if you are also on the same track as I was once, you need to at least for once listen to your soul. Nothing is impossible here, what is required is your dedication & your belief in yourself.

If at any instance you lift up your self-confidence, everything in this world will get difficult for you to achieve.

So, try to make things easier rather than making them more complicated by disbelieving in you.

Your self-confidence in you will make you conquer the world, while the lack of confidence will let the negativities win over your personality.

Why does this happen? Why you tend to lose confidence in yourself? Have you ever thought about it?

Symptoms of Low Self-confidence

Let’s discuss some of the symptoms that prove you are low in self-confidence.

  • You procrastinate

  • Procrastination

    When you do not feel confident about something, you start procrastinating the things. Opportunities do not knock your door twice, so it’s better to grab them as & when they come to you. Procrastination makes you leave things on tomorrow. Procrastination makes you dull & lazy.

Stop procrastinating and to enjoy a beautiful tomorrow, plan today.

Utilize your energy in doing the things which will reward you with something good.

Don’t waste time on a thing which is not worthy of your precious time.

Be productive in something that will reap fruitful results.

  • You fear of future/failure

    What if you took a wrong decision? If your desired results are not achieved? If your dreams do not turn into reality? These are the common fears which do not let you move ahead in your life, and you create a comfort zone for yourself where you are afraid to step out of that zone and let all your fears grown exponentially.

Is this the way you can lead a happening life? If Mr. Armstrong had thought your way, he would never have been able to step onto the Moon.

Make a path for yourself. Drive your emotions towards positive thoughts, let yourself be free.

We all have come on this planet to live once & then leave it forever, so why let your fears overcome your real self?

To breathe in a prosperous future, you first need to breathe out the past & present.

You can easily bring about a change in your life tomorrow if today you only change your attitude towards life.

  • You consider yourself inferior to others

    One of the most prominent fears of people like us is that “what others will say/think?” if you are concerned about what others will say then it is the most stupid thing you are doing.

    You get a life just once and in which direction you are going to lead your life is your sole decision. If you do not bother to intervene in other’s life then why let others do that with you?

    You have come to this planet to accomplish something, like everyone you also have a motive in life.

    You just need to identify your life’s purpose and approach it positively.

Always remember that without your consent no one in this world can make your feel inferior to him.

So, how the world will look at you will depend on how you present yourself to the world.

  • You seek comfort ahead of success

    Mostly people do this out of laziness and to lead an easy going life.

    But if you walk on a road with almost no obstacles that will probably lead you nowhere. Even to achieve something as small as a cumin seed, you need to climb the Everest.

    This is the kind of dedication required from you if you want to leave a mark.

You need to do what you had never done before. Remember, success and comfort do not co-exist. Your real life begins the moment you come out of your comfort zone.

  • You blame circumstances

    Rather than taking the responsibility, you always blame the circumstances for your failure, which may be either a person or an object.

    Your failure is just a state of mind. It vanishes as soon as you determine to move ahead in your life.

    Dare enough to take the responsibility of what went wrong and tighten your belts to re-attempt the tasks you once failed in.

Circumstances may be beyond your control, agree….but your conduct can change the future course of the events.

All these symptoms of low self-confidence surround you with NEGATIVITY, and you find everything useless and not as per your expectations even before you start working on it.

How You Can Boost Your Self-confidence

Now let us discuss some factors which will help you cope up with these negative thoughts.

  • Believe in yourself

    how to boost up your self confidence

    If you can change your thinking at the right moment, you can shape up your life for tomorrow.

    Believe in your strengths, your passion, something you are good at and you know that no one here can do that better than you. Try out your luck, your passion….devote yourself entirely and you will explore the “You” in you.

  • Identify your negative thoughts

    Whenever you indulge in something challenging, and negativity surrounds you, first of all, identify what made that occur.

    Note down all those factors which you think are forcing you to withdraw the challenge and stop you from moving ahead.

    Identify that main reason. Question yourself; is it the lack of your self-confidence, lack of knowledge on the subject or anything else?

Turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts – once you have identified your negative force, try and think the ways out to overcome this negativity & how it can be turned into something positive & meaningful.

The only thing you can do here is “TRY”…………..and keep on trying.

  • Refuse their intervention

    As soon as a negative thought comes to your mind, just slap yourself and say that “I won’t listen to you.”

    You won’t believe, but whenever same happens to me, I just look into the mirror and ask myself that how can something that doesn’t exist, overshadow my thoughts?

    I try to make something positive out of this negativity so that this ghost of negativity vanishes from my mind as soon as it had appeared.

So, the next time you get drowned in negativity, just look into the mirror and ask yourself, is it correct what you are thinking?

Believe me; this is the only way you can get rid of these insignificant thoughts.

  • Create a network of your own

    support networkSit and talk with those people who always support you and help you decide between the right and the wrong.

    Indulge yourself in something creative. Write down your thoughts, in fact, start writing a blog as I do.

    People, going through the same phase in life as of yours, you can be an inspiration to all of them and you can teach them how to overcome such situations bravely.

    Writing and reading are the safest tonics, which have no side-effects.

  • Eliminate negative objects & people

    Just think about it, if no negative object or a negative person surrounds you, will that eliminate negativity in your life up to some extent?

    So, just do it…….delete all the things that make you feel dejected, like, clothes which no longer fit, gifts which your exes have given you once, places which you don’t like visiting anymore…….just get rid of them.


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