How to Setup Click to Tweet Plugin on WordPress Blog

Well, do you have written something informative, challenging, or impressive?

And you want to make quotes of them.

Why wait, let the world know about it.

Just Click to Tweet!


You must have read many blogs and have noticed people put various quotes in their write-ups.

These quotes are something which the writer wants to drive your attention towards.

Have you ever wondered why these quotes appear distinct than the other text?

How a writer adds “Click to Tweet” or “Tweet this Button” link to his posts to tweet a particular quote and not the entire article?

Well, here is the answer.

Click to Tweet is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a link next to your quotes, facts, or thoughts. This lets your readers share your quote on Twitter if they happen to like it while reading your blog post.

You may use pull quotes and custom messages inside your article through this twitter share button.

Highlighting them makes it easier for the reader to locate and share them on Twitter.

In short, “Click to Tweet” enables you to create attractive Tweet this button text boxes in your blog posts.

For example, just look at the quote below:

This is a quote from my previous blog post Importance of Niche Blogging: Reasons to Choose One in which I have  added a “Click To Tweet” link.

All those who liked this, have shared it on Twitter.

Installing the Click to Tweet Plugin

Let’s learn how to install the plugin manually in WordPress:

Go through the following simple steps:

Google Search

Type ‘click to tweet by todaymade’ in your Google search bar. It will show you results as shown in the below grab.

Click on the first link that appears on the page for WordPress plugins.

Click to tweet-google search

Download the WordPress Plugin

The first link will open a new page as shown in the below grab.

This shows the plugin directory of WordPress.

You need to check if the author is ‘CoSchedule’. This is important.

From here, click on ‘Download Version 1.3’ button. This will initiate the download of the files in your system.

Click to tweet-wordpress plugin

Save the Files

Once the downloading starts, it will be saved as the zipped folder.

While for the Macbook users it will be saved as a folder containing the files in some different format.

Compress this folder to convert it into zipped files. This is the standard format for uploading any files to WordPress.

Click to tweet-download plugin

Compress plugin folder to zip file (for MacBook users)

Click to tweet-convert into zip file

Add Plugin

Open the ‘Plugins’ section of your WordPress blog.

Click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button in blue color.

Click to tweet-upload plugin

Upload the Zipped File

Once you click on the upload button, it will ask the storage destination of the zipped file. Choose the file from there and upload.

This will let the plugin to get uploaded.

Click to tweet-upload plugin

Start Installation:

As soon as you finish uploading the file. A pop-up says ‘Install Now’. Click on this installation button and the plugin will get automatically installed on your WordPress blog.

Click to tweet-upload plugin

Activate the Plugin

Once the installation is complete. A next page will open up.

This page will direct you to a page where you can activate the plugin (grab 1).

Here, click on the ‘Activate’ link and the activation will start automatically (grab 2).

Click to tweet-activate plugin

Click to tweet-activate plugin

Login With Your Twitter handle

Once you are done with the activation, you will be asked to log in with your twitter account’s username.

Click to tweet-add twitter username

Using the Click to Tweet Plugin

Add Tweet through toolbar:

You have reached this step, which means the installation and activation are complete.

Now it is the time for you to use this plugin and see how it works.

For this, open the writing pane of your WordPress blog. You will notice a light blue colour plugin icon on the toolbar.

Click on that blue bird to enter your tweet.

Click to tweet-add tweet through toolbar

When you will click on the blue bird icon, a blank bar will appear. You need to insert your quote here.

Click to tweet-add tweet through toolbar

Tweet in the Text:

Once you press ‘OK’, your quote will reflect in the writing pane as [Tweet ‘abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.”]

Click to tweet-add your tweet in text

Finally, Your Tweet Box is All Set

You have entered the quote in between your text. This will appear as shown in the below grab on your website.

While going through your post, if your reader likes your quote, he/ she will definitely share it with others by clicking on the ‘Click To Tweet’ button below the quote.

Click to tweet-how your tweet look like

So guys, present your true knowledge, show your imagination and let the world tweet about it.

If you liked and understood the process of installing and using this click to tweet plugin for making quotes, do share this with your friends.

write to us in the case of any concern.


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