Essential Skills of a Quality Blog Writer

Earlier, writing was not regarded as an important skill. In early 90’s a blog writer used to copy articles from one place and paste them to another place. Also to keep their rankings higher they used to copy and post frequently so that they can appear on the top in the search list on a search engine.

Search engine algorithm was not so strong earlier. It used to list out those articles which counted most in the search results. But now the situation has changed. The performance of a blog depends on its writers’ writing and presentation skills. You can be a good content writer only if you have the knowledge about the subject. To be a successful blog writer you should have the ability and charm to hold your readers. You should not shut yourself in your own shell, always keep a broad perspective towards life.

Conservative Thinking


Let us now discuss few skills of a quality blog writer.

1. Vision of a Blog Writer

Blogging is not a one day job. It takes the time to develop and nurture into a brand. Also, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. When you will start writing a blog, you will not gain success all of a sudden. You might face failures at some instances. And may even reach a stage when you will lose confidence in yourself.

Some people quit because of frustration. But have you ever noticed that all the big names in blogging industry have something in common? They have experience and have established their roots in this field for over more than five years. They might also have faced ups and downs in their blogging careers, but having faith in oneself conquers all. So to understand the basics and to establish yourself in this field as a successful blog writer you at least need to devote a year or two.

In your initial years, you need not focus on the bucks you will generate but to concentrate on the quality of the stuff you will be creating. All that matters right now is that your readers can connect with you and follow you. Because your readers are your true wealth. If you feel that you are running short of creative thinking or a blinking cursor on the screen makes you conscious then you need not worry. This is a common problem which happens with every blog writer, as beginners. Nothing satisfies you so easily when quality is your priority. For the time being, to engage your readers, you can start writing about yourself. A reader always finds those things interesting which are based on real life experiences. So, a blog writer must have a clear vision of his thoughts and the things he is going to present to his audience.

 2. Strategy of a Blog Writer

Strategy of a Blog writer

You might wonder that you are not the only one who writes a blog. There are many blog writers who are writing in the same niche as you are. Many of them started writing before you and now are more thoughtful about it. What do you think will compel a reader to go through your blog and not theirs?

So, let me tell you there has to be a strategy, an out of the box evaluation of thoughts that will differentiate your work from that of other blog writers. You need to think smart and innovative. Otherwise, you will be far left behind in this tough competition. Now the question here arises how can you act smart? The best answer to this question is learn from others. To do this, you need to read the blogs of other blog writers in your niche and other as well if you have enough time. Learn from their writing strategies, try to find out what value you could have added to the same post had it been yours.

Another way to enhance your learning is that you can search Quora, Facebook, and other platforms. Read the comments of the readers, analyze them and evaluate them as per your understanding. Try doing this and you will feel the change in the quality of your work.

Technology has made things easier and accessible. It is a fact that “Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text.” So use the power of visuals and watch Youtube videos for grasping things quickly.

To fulfill your dream of being a successful blog writer; devise a strategy, focus on your vision and mission and have clarity of thoughts.

How to Create System Driven-Mechanism?

Strategy of blogging

Any successful blog has a pre-described set of operations which depend on certain principles. The adherence to those principles ensures the success percentage of a blog. So to identify those plans, convert them into strategies and execute them to run a blog. This the job of a blog writer.

First of all, try to fix your concrete plans, this involves the following three basic steps:

  1. Creating a Basic Framework

    The basic framework of a blog comprises of the things you want to present through your blog. The message which you want to deliver through your blog must be clear and appealing. For this, you have to read a lot to know the basics of blogging. You have to categorise the things as per your convenience. You need to take care of the following:

    • Functionality: Wordpress installation, domain selection, web host services functioning, broken link checks etc.
    • Appearance: Themes, plugins like Aesop story engine etc.
    • Support/Performance: SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Sitemaps,, W3 Total cache etc.
    • Safety: Wordfence Security, Cloudfare free SSL etc.
    • Monetization: Google Adsense, Amazon affiliated links etc.
  2. Deciding Tasks of the Day

    Assigning daily tasks is a crucial part of blogging. If you are in a regular job and do blogging for fun, then it becomes difficult for you to devote equal time to it. For best results, be realistic and jot down the tasks which you can actually perform in a given period of time. You can download tools like Trello. I have used this tool to fix and keep a track of my tasks. The advantage of this tool is that you can add many ideas and your team members too. This comes with a planning calendar on which you can set your monthly targets.

  3. Laying Down the Foundation of Future

    Every single step you take will impact your future. So you have to be careful while taking any decision. Later you can not blame it on time. You have to be wise enough to differentiate the good and bad for the health of your blog. Your best buddy can suggest you in hours of need but you will be the sole bearer of the consequences. I will suggest try out experimenting things and make a note of all your actions. If anything goes beyond your expectations, at least you will have a record of what went wrong. In future, you will be cautious and try to avoid such things.

    One who has the guts to learn has the ability to reshape the things. Improvise the things and have an analytical approach towards life.

3. Willingness to Improve

How to improve in blogging

It is necessary for a blog writer to improve his quality of work and evolve himself. Bringing forth variety and uniqueness in every post is not an easy task. But perseverance and time teaches all and teaches well.

The question here is how a blog writer can improve?

Well, I have the answer to this question.

To understand this, you need to go through the above infographic. I have tried to explain a system. This model is known as the ‘Blogger Improvement Model.’ This is completely new and designed by me. This focuses on five important aspects of any blogging system.

Here they are:

  1. Quality
  2. Performance
  3. Appearance (User Friendliness)
  4. Delivery
  5. Earning (Monetization)

These points are quite obvious and I don’t think they need an explanation. Rather I will move ahead to explain another important component of the system.

It is the circle of P<>E<>I<>A. As shown in the graphic above, the four letters in this circle represent:

  • P: Planning
  • E: Execution
  • I: Inspection
  • A: Analysis

Whenever you have to bring forth some new idea, you need to go through a great deal of brainstorming. Every innovation is a result of the following:


What you want to achieve and how to go about it.


A procedural flow of the plan earlier created.


An organized and formal examination of all the steps undertaken to execute a plan.


Going through the complete process to identify if there happens to be an error. Get rid of the shortcomings, re-plan, and re-execute.

We as blog writers follow the same principle. We plan(P) things on the basis of what our readers want from us. Then we write and post/execute (E) articles on our blogs following the standards. Then we inspect (I) articles after posting them. After that comes the most important step which is analysis (A). We analyze the article’s performance with the help of tools like Google Analytics. We perform these steps with utmost sincerity unless we get the desired results.

4. Ability to Train Others

Ability to Train Others

What is a training ability?

I will define it as my skill to pass on my knowledge to my prospects. So that I am able to convert my viewers into continuous readers of my blog. My readers will follow me as long as they will feel connected with me. To keep this bond intact I have to showcase myself the way I am. If I pretend to be what I am not, just to keep my readers entertained, I will be fooling myself. Like we all know lies do not live long and sometime down the line I will loose my dignity.

After all, I know my readers are investing their time and expectations in me. Being a blog writer, it is necessary for me to have the following:

  1. Knowledge & Skill

    Being a blog writer, you must have the knowledge of your own niche. You must be aware of the competition around. Sometimes you may feel that you are attracting less traffic to your blog, but do not loose the confidence in yourself. Update yourself and present your thoughts with the same enthusiasm. So keep your readers engaged. Your knowledge can lead you places. Additionally, it is the only good thing through which you can communicate and make a strong bond with your readers.

  2. Positive Attitude

    Being a blog writer, you must carry positive attitude towards everything. In the beginning, you might not get much response from your writings. You need not frustrate or loose confidence in yourself. Every newcomer has to face this situation once to establish himself in the long run. If few of your thoughts do not bring expected responses from your readers, you need not panic. By and large, this is an opportunity for you to think about that new thought which you could not earlier.

  3. Quality of Work

    Your work should be such that a teenager could read and understand it easily. By a teenager, I mean a 13-year-old child, who has just stepped into his teenage. It must pass Flesch reading ease test which needs more than 60 percent as a score for good readability. Your sentences must be short and precise. Also build a habit of creating your own checklist, so that whatever mistakes you made once do not get repeated while writing your next article. Furthermore, you need to think to keep your readers’ point of view in mind because they are the ones who will judge your work.

  4. Pace of Work

    Your pace of work is the frequency at which you deliver every new blog post. Your thinking ability decides the pace at which you can post your articles. You should deliver your work as fast as you can, but keep in mind, that you do not deteriorate its quality. To retain the freshness of your blog, to enhance the visibility of your blog on a search engine, you should deliver at least 3-5 posts per week. By doing this, you will be able to connect better with people.

  5. Interaction

    Interaction is the best way of sharing new ideas and information with your readers. You may have a regular conversation with your readers through email or chats. May ask them to share their responses. You can have survey links on your social media profiles like Facebook or twitter. Als you can write a post to invite comments. Readers have the freedom to suggest and encourage you to think of ways in which you can improve your writing. You can create and share a knowledge bank with your readers. This bank will contain useful information and instructions on how to carry out things.

  6. Patience

    Patience is a key for success that a blog writer must possess. This is a field which requires patience. Many times, a blog writer has to face situations that need patience. For example, a less number of visitors, low success rate etc. We must embrace these situations and deal with them with maturity.

    To sum up, I have listed what I could think of as of now. Hope you all will have a good time reading this.

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