An Ignored Oportunty-Landing Page Meaning and Optimization

In this article, I will tell you what the landing page meaning is and what is landing page optimization.

So far landing pages were an ignored opportunity, which would have brought in much to the success of your website.landing page optimization - stats

Wishpond has shared some interesting stats that more landing pages attract more success rate.

These are the pages which you want your visitors to see through a search engine. Because of this reason, these pages must contain attractive and engaging content.

The goal of your landing page should be clear to you in the first instance. This will decide whether a reader will stay on your website for a longer time or not.landing page optimization - AIDA model

Once you are clear with the goal, you should start immediately. Begin with a focused mind and clear understanding of the process.

With the AIDA model, you can increase the conversion of your landing page.

You must be sure of the images, content, headings, and overall layout of your landing page.

 In search of a query, readers land on a website’s page from the search engine. So we call these pages as the landing pages or the destination pages.

Remember, all landing pages are web pages but all web pages are not landing pages.

A landing page is the top-priority page of your SEO campaign having a focused goal.

Here is an example presenting thirty-five beautifully designed landing pages. Have a look at these and get an idea to design yours.

The main purpose of landing pages is to convert visitors into permanent customers and generate leads.

These pages are linked to the social media or other ad campaigns. Like search engine marketing campaign or email campaigns. This enhances the effectiveness of the advertisements.

Hope the landing page meaning is clear to you. Let us now see the types of landing pages.

Types of Landing Pages

Landing pages can be of following two types:

1. Reference or Click Through Landing Page

A reference landing page contains information, text, link or image relevant to the visitor.

For example, patreon is a site where you can showcase your talent and earn money also.

landing page optimization- patreon

They have optimized their page so beautifully that can change the life of any enthusiastic artist/creator.

You can see some examples of click-through landing pages here.

2. Transactional or Lead Generational Landing Page

A transactional landing page focuses on directing the user toward a predefined task. A landing page will have a form to capture the visitor’s information, especially the email ID.

An e-mail ID is helpful to start an email campaign to market your product.

The user needs to fill in the form, complete some inquiry, or submit a feedback.

You can see some examples of lead generational landing pages here.

Landing Pages Website Templates

You can choose from a wide variety of landing pages website templates from here. Have a look and get an idea to create your own landing page.

Landing Page Optimization

Optimizing a landing page is important. Readers are your assets whom you can’t let go for a single mistake of yours.

So finding out what your reader wants and then focussing on writing, renders a reader loyal to you.

Landing page optimization - analysis has displayed a very simple flow chart for deciding landing page of your website.

In short, landing page optimization is necessary to increase the visitors to your website. Thus, converting them to permanent customers and generating the leads.

Finalizing the theme of your landing page:

This is the foremost and an important step to begin optimizing your landing page.

Manage the look and feel of your landing page and half your job is done.

Here are a few tips that will help you optimize your landing page:

1. Soothing background color

The background color has to be very calming and soothing as per your content. Do not use fluorescent colors. Try to keep the color combination as formal as you can.

In research, it is found that type of product you are selling need a particular taste of color. So keep your readers around that. For example, in the below graphic you can correlate each brand and the colors they used landing page optimization-color effect

2. Your brand’s logo

After all, your brand is everything for which you are taking pains. Place it correctly so that it is clearly visible to one and all. Highlight it if needed, and tell everyone how you want to be recognized as.

3. Image/video for the main page

The main page image should be such that a reader by just looking at it gets to know what your site is all about. Make it eye-catching and informative. You may also include a video to clarify further. As I have stated earlier, viewing helps you understand more than simply reading out the text.

4. Strong heading

To attract and engage your reader, you must keep the headline of your content strong and powerful. Once attracted and engaged a reader will go through the entire content for sure.

5. Clear and consistent design

Keep the layout of your page clear and coherent. This will give your reader an everlasting experience. Your page needs to deliver what your reader is looking for. It should also be in consistence with the benefits or features that you are offering.

6. Relevance and conciseness

Try and keep the content short and straightforward. Do not write too much. Ensure that you provide only the essential details in the text and hold it to minimum words. More the number of paragraphs and your keyword will get buried somewhere.

The content should support your heading else it will be of no use for the reader. If you find the relevance missing, re-write it.

Try to keep all your benefits and features in a bulleted list. So that it easier for your readers to go through and retain them in their minds.

7. User-friendly theme

The theme and design you use should be user-friendly. Do not complicate it much so that a user gets scared of using it or run away altogether.

8. Landing page form

The form which readers need to fill has to be very crisp and precise. Do not ask for much detail. These details might be of importance to you but a reader may get disinterested while filling out a long form. Usually, the readers are less inclined towards filling out much detail. So keep it short but sufficient.

9. Eye-catching click button

The click button you provide at the end to finally land a customer to your website has to be eye-catching. Many say that ‘red’ appears to be the most responsive and attractive but it is also the color of danger and ‘stop’. Moreover, a small button might not get located by some so keep it a little bigger than usual.

Below is a good example of a click button. Appearance just has increased the conversion rate by 36%.

landing page optimization - call to action

Now, Let’s look out the bad example of a click button which has lower down the conversion rate by 25%.
landing page optimization - call to action2

So be sure of what color and size you are going to use the click button. It might not feel but has a great impact on your reader.

10. Call to action

Ensure that your call-to-action stands out. It should be that appealing that you receives an immediate response from your readers. It needs to create a curiosity among them as “what next”, “find out more” to provoke a response.

11. Avoid pop-ups/pop-under

Avoid using pop-ups and pop-under on your page. This lets a reader diverted. Moreover, at times it is quite annoying for the readers to keep clicking on a pop-up to get rid of it.

Readers lose their concentration and trust in your website.

Apart from this, never use those JavaScript dialogs that ask whether you want to leave or stay on a page. If a reader decides to leave he will certainly leave. This is because he did not get what he was in search of. Do not bother or mislead your reader by asking such questions.

12. Include comments from others

If you want to improve your ratings, maintain one section containing the comments of other readers. These testimonials will give your prospects an idea about what others think about you. It will help in boosting up the conversion rates.

13. Social media and others

Keep social media sharing an easy task for your readers.

Third party verifications, inbound links are an add-on to your site. These help you generate leads even faster.

14. Thank-you page

Never ever forget to thank your readers. Always create a thank you page to appreciate their efforts in filling out the form.

Do keep a check on the conversion rates here.


There are various methods to validate the purpose of your landing page. You can figure out which decisions were helpful and which were not. You may then revise and edit the landing page as per the feedbacks received.

Here are the two ways by which you can carry out a validation:

1.A/B testing

This method of testing is like comparing two things and then deciding which one is better. Like, A and B both perform the same function but who performs it better turns out to be the winner.

Likewise, two different versions of web pages are compared at the same time. One which performs better against the given parameters and one with the higher conversion rate is considered better.

You can read more about A/B testing here.

2. Multivariate testing

This is yet another testing method. It is a technique for testing a hypothesis in which multiple variables are modified.

It is designed to do a comparative study between various combinations of things at once. The aim of this testing is to identify which combination among the various others outperformed the rest.

Read more about multivariate testing here.

I hope this article was of some use for you all, do share this with your friends.

If you still have some unanswered questions left, do write to us, we would love to answer you.


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