Managing Job Stress and a Blog: Some Stress-buster Tips

We all want to do something creative in life.

We all want to do away with the stress of 9- to -6 routine job.

Who doesn’t love fame and recognition?

Who doesn’t want to explore his/her passion?

managing job stress and-a-blog_devote-time

Is doing away with your job an easy decision to take just for the sake of exploring your passion for writing a blog?

My answer is No!

Although, managing job stress and a blog together are a big deal, but you just cannot do away with any of them within a blink of an eye.

In the first case, your job is all you need for your living.

Secondly, your blog is your passion until it earns your daily bread.

Do not make blogging your only reason for living. Unless it lets you earn an equal amount or more than what your job does.

Everything comes with a cost attached to it, so does blogging.

I don’t say that it requires bundles of money to run but it does need some.

In my post, 20 Compelling Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Self Development, I have mentioned how blogging leads you to self-development.

No doubt, blogging lets you learn a lot. But it takes some time to get established.

A steady income lets you fight anxiety, helps you learn more about yourself, fulfills your basic needs, and justifies your social presence, etc.

Managing job stress

managing job stress and-a-blog

We will first talk about managing job stress, but do we know what leads to stress?

A job stress may arise due to any of the following reasons:

  • Tight deadlines at work
  • Desire to achieve more
  • Fear of failure
  • Dependence on others
  • Work-overload
  • Self-doubt and more.

To overcome these, you need to first identify the sole cause of your stress and plan how to better manage them.

Understand how these affect your physical responses, like your impulsive behavior, unintended responses, etc.

It is often said that shifting your focus helps you overcome stress more effectively.

So try to focus on something that interests you rather than thinking about your job responsibilities every time.

Look for the opportunities to amuse and please yourself.

Manage and plan according to what you can actually deliver in a particular time span. Be realistic.

Always remember, patience is the key to success.

Managing a blog without quitting your job

Managing a blog is no way an easy task. Writing a blog requires time and efforts, you have to mentally prepare yourself to do justice to both.

I am going to mention a few tips which are helpful in managing a routine job and a blog together.

Manage your time

managing job stress and-a-blog-time-management

Writing a post, selecting and uploading a photograph, editing the content is time-consuming.

To manage a blog you first need to manage your time.

Often people seem busy with no work.

  • If you spend a lot of time in watching tv, playing outdoors, then you can use that time for your blog.
  • Use the time you commute in creative thinking.
  • Use the time of your morning activities in brainstorming new ideas. After all, what else you could do there.
  • Use our lunch or coffee breaks in discussing various topics with your colleagues.
  • Utilize your weekends the most, just don’t be a lame duck.

Follow a schedule


managing job stress and-a-blog-plan-and-prioritize

Plan for writing articles and decide a date by which you will be able to complete and publish them on your website.

Now to do this, you first need to identify and finish that piece of the task which you think will consume the most amount of your time. Then consider working on others.

To give your work a better shape, avoid re-scheduling your work.

Sometimes, your work demands some sacrifices. I  know, working people hardly get to sleep for 6-7 hours a day. But don’t hesitate in sacrificing your sleep in doing something creative.

If you think maintaining a fixed schedule along with a job is hectic, then CoSchedule tool may be a solution.

Set realistic goals and deadlines

managing job stress and-a-blog-set-realisticgoals-and-deadlines

It’s good to be multitasking but not always. You are responsible for both your job and blog.

Try setting your targets such that you get enough time to work on a post.

Revisions lead to re-work. Try doing once and for all.

Do not set goals or deadlines which you know are not easy to meet out.

Working full-time and still thinking of publishing a new blog post daily doesn’t sound realistic.

Instead, publishing between 1 to 3 posts weekly would be much more manageable.

There is no harm in remaining inactive on your blog for some time, you can still be active on social media.

All and all, you have to be productive without affecting your conscience.

If you still believe, setting realistic goals is not important, then you need to read the importance of setting realistic goals in life.

Plan and prioritize

managing job stress and-a-blog-follow-schedule

You thought of achieving something and the next day you have it with you. Life is not like this.

To achieving something, you need to put years of hard work, planning, and dedication into it.

Same way, a blog is not a platform where you write and publish an article today and expect results tomorrow.

A blog is like a child. It needs time, care and love to grow and bring some meaning to its existence.

You need to think a lot, search a lot to give a final shape to your work.

Hence, it is important to think and plan before you act.

Trello is a great tool to organize all your work.

You can update each and everything here, as what all you need to do before, during and after publishing a post.

You can also use this at your workplace to organize things in a better way.

Just make an entry of the actions you need to perform and strike off the ones already completed.

Be confident

managing job stress and-a-blog-be-confident

Blogging requires time and patience.

I have been telling you this in almost every post, and it holds true.

Blogging is not meant for anxious and impatient people. It takes a lot of time for people to know about your blog. And more time for it to generate revenue for you.

By the time it reaches up to the stage of benefitting you, don’t loose your confidence and think of quitting.

If you have started something, be confident enough to make it reach the end. Do not leave it in the mid-way.

Believe in yourself, identify who you are and what you can do.

Your confidence will reward you with the peace of mind.

Try experimenting

managing job stress and a blog try experimenting

Like a horse walks on a straight line aiming the target, don’t be the same.

Define your target and make all efforts to reach there, avoiding the distractions.

Do not forget what you are here for, your blog is your business.

Try to gain knowledge from others, enter into discussions.

Read about various blogging tools, tips, and ideas to enhance your blog’s readability.

Try experimenting things. Presenting new thoughts, suggestions, and appreciations.

Experimenting on a small-scale, predicts results on a large-scale. Moreover, it helps you learn a lot about the real word.

As I stated earlier, building a blog is not a matter of one day. It requires time.

And in that time you need money to support your basic needs. Moreover, running a blog also requires money (for promotional activities, to buy plugins, etc.)

So, to quit your job just for the sake of building a blog is not an intelligent move.

I will suggest, you should not quit your job unless you are strong enough to survive for a year or two without getting those paychecks anymore.

Maybe once you are sure that running a blog is sufficient to take care of all your expenses, you may decide to quit your job. But not before that, in any case.

Try to follow the above tips in your daily life and you will slowly overcome the issues that you have faced so far.

If you find these tips helpful, do share them with your friends and let them explore the world of blogging.


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