Importance of Niche Blogging: Reasons to Choose One

Earlier, when people used to take up writing, they wrote about multiple topics. This lead to be a sure shot case of confusion, as they themselves were not aware of what do they specialize in. Niche blogging is not something that has occurred suddenly. It had an existence earlier as well. It is just, in the recent years, the importance of niche blogging has come into being.

Let’s consider an example:

You wrote about makeup and beauty in your last five to six articles. Your readers built a trust in you that all their queries related to makeup and beauty will get answered. Now, you shifted your interest towards, say, diseases. Something exactly opposite! You now write about the causes and cures for world’s deadly diseases. Readers who were till now visiting your blog for some tips on makeup and beauty, will they ever revisit you? Just think about it.

Well, the answer is ‘No‘.

Did you realize what just happened?

You lost the trust of thousands of your readers who held a reason for your existence as a blogger, in the past few days.

In essence, why would a reader come back now, when he knows you can no more meet his quest. He would rather look for other better options.

In a blogging career, having loyal readers is your priority. A loyal reader can take you places and here comes the need for niche blogging!

First of all, what do you understand by the term ‘niche‘ ?

Well, a niche is your specific area of interest, that enables you to write and express yourself. It can be a geographic condition, an ethnic group, a specialty industry or a particular topic. In short, it is a problem for which your audience seeks a solution and you have to provide a concrete solution.

Before selecting a niche, always ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is this something which will let me explore my inner self and express myself better?

2. Is this something with which I can aim to go places?

3. Am I going to inspire and motivate others?

4. Is this going to be the best answer to a majority of people’s concerns?

5. Will this prove to be a motivating and inspiring force for me?

Choose your niche, you are competent with. Not just to increase the number of potential audiences. Choose something that encourages you and will present you as you are. Don’t choose something in which you are not comfortable expressing yourself. Listen to your inner-self, what you are passionate about writing.

Importance of niche blogging

Here are some reasons that will make you realize why you should always go for a niche blogging:

Niche blogging helps you become an expert

niche blogging importance & benefits

As I already told you, selecting a niche will motivate you more write about what you love. You will explore deeper insights and will write sensible content. By this, you will increase your own knowledge as well.

It will help you gain expertise and you will be able to answer your audience more confidently. Once you will start getting the things into shape, you will devise plans to grow and flourish.

Niche blogging helps you attract loyal readers


If a child needs a solution of a mathematical equation he would not approach a Social Science teacher. Same way, your readers expect you to be their saviors. If you will be not sure of your expertise, why would they trust you?

You prefer buying things from a specific shop because you know they are right available. You don’t have to wander about searching for them. Likewise, a reader will be always coming back to your blog if he knows you have the solution to his query. This is just because you are a niche blogger. With this, you will be able to build an emotional connect with your audience. If you tend to tend to write on various topics, your reader may prefer to look for another option.

Niche blogging enhances your creativity


You know that you have attracted satisfactory audience towards your blog. People are liking what they are reading. For sure, your blog is answering their queries. But do you think this is all that you need to do?


When you have an idea of what people want and what do they like to read the most, you tend to be more creative with your work. You think about different ways of presenting your articles that could be more appealing. Thus, you become more creative in your thoughts and in your final presentations.

Niche blogging teaches you management


Compare two states of a blog writer: one who writes on many things, another is a niche blogger. When you write about many topics you have to devote equal time and energy to all. For example, one blogger writes about the environment, makeup and beauty, fitness, and relationships. He wrote pretty much about the environment, a good amount of content about makeup and beauty. A little bit about beauty and now he is writing about relationships. In the meantime, a reader who read his post about environment starts expecting more from him. he waited for some days since the blogger is busy with his fourth commitment, he didn’t get to look one.

What do you think will happen?

Will the reader revisit this blog in future?

Well, No !

He would rather look for someone who talks about his area of interest.

So, you end up losing a loyal reader.

Being a niche blogger, you keep your attention undiverted. You bring forth variety and quality in your content.

Niche blogging helps you get connected

No doubt, you will build a trust and a bond with your readers with your quality content. But this does not limit you from expanding your connections further. You may get connected with some big players in the industry. You might have heard enterprises invite young and professional bloggers to deliver motivational speeches. This gives you a worldwide recognition and boosts up your confidence.

A relevant organization can take an advice to promote their product or even hire you to work with them. Once they notice you be an upcoming player in the industry, they will, for sure, cite you.

Niche blogging helps in monetization

Being a niche blogger helps you attract a targetted audience and you tend to earn a handsome amount. Your loyal readers revisiting your blog daily will bring fortunes to your blog.

Moreover, advertisers will also approach you to promote their products or websites.

Niche blogging is SEO friendly


When a user enters his query in a search engine, it contains some keywords. The search engine identifies and displays a list of such websites containing this keyword.

The chances of your blog coming in the top of the list of the search result depend on the relevance of your content. More relevant the content more is your recognition.

So what are you guys waiting for? Start building a blog of your own. gain monetary rewards, but first of all, identify a suitable niche.


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